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Protecting the Bottom Line on your Grocery Receipt

Last week I discussed the problem of rising food prices and how they have developed out of an imbalance in the global food economy. The question is, how do we at home survive the global economic balancing act? With an … Continue reading

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Pizzeria Pizza

In my search for less expensive food, I discovered that I can make pizzeria pizza in my very own kitchen! Not too long ago, I was shopping for an “It’s Not Delivery…” pizza in the freezer section. My family will … Continue reading

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Chicken Rotini

This dish can be as everyday as a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup. Or switch the fillers and presentation to make it company special. Two options are presented below. SPECIAL: Serves 8 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Bottom Line

How is world news affecting you these days? I try not to pay too much attention, because I have a vacant house for sale in this faltering economy. I have tried to limit my reading of the newspaper, at least … Continue reading

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Fresh Cuisine

Welcome to the new and improved CommonCuisine: Adventures in Everyday Cooking. I love to cook; I love to write. To be more accurate, I have a passion to write to uplift and inspire others to be their best person; and … Continue reading

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Great Guacamole

Of course the easiest way to make guacamole is to buy two avocados and a packet of mix and just stir them all together. My two objections to this are that first, I usually am lucky to make it home … Continue reading

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MOPS Season Finale

My mommy support group finished up for the school year yesterday. What a fun group that has been to be in! While I love many things about the group, you might guess that my very most favorite part of each … Continue reading

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