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Glorious Food

Last weekend’s Thanksgiving feast almost blew our collective minds with how tasty everything was. Actually, as we tried to express how good everything was, we kept trying to find just the right superlatives. We agreed that we should establish a … Continue reading

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Rice Cooker

Wow, I’ve finally joined the ranks of those who don’t burn their rice. It’s only been about 10 years, but now I have one, and since I saved it from being my daughter’s drum last week, it is still part … Continue reading

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Cranberry Ice

Okay, here is the recipe as it was given to me. If you decide to play with it, let me know what proportions you come up with, and I will do the same. Submitted by Candice Kugler Fresh cranberries Frozen … Continue reading

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S’mores Brownies

When you can’t build a campfire, perhaps this is enough to satisfy the craving for this childhood treat. 1 pkg brownie mix plus ingredients listed on box. 12 oz semisweet chocolate chips 6 graham crackers, broken into small pieces 1 … Continue reading

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Simple Starters

When you have company over and they’re ready but dinner’s not, you’ll be glad you thought to have one of these ready. Personally, I think some starters also make a great simple dinner for two. Some of the easiest starters … Continue reading

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About Cranberries

Did you know? Cranberries, blueberries and Concord grapes are the only three fruits native to North America! Cranberries got their name from their appearance. In the spring the vines flower, and the pink petals bear a resemblance to the head … Continue reading

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