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Trifle consists of layering four ingredients, usually into a clear bowl so you can best see the layers: cake, pudding, fruit or candy, and whipped topping. Here are two extremes and a fun variation. Feel free to invent your own … Continue reading

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Strawberry Custard Pie

This is my Nana’s recipe. Custard must be an old-fashioned word for jellied sauce; this comes out more like a tart. She makes her pie crust from scratch; I buy mine. There are ways I try to preserve homestyle cooking, … Continue reading

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Swordfish Marinade

I know what you’re thinking, swordfish isn’t exactly an everyday dinner choice. But if you ever do have just the perfect occasion, won’t it be great to know you have the perfect way to make it simply stunning? That’s just … Continue reading

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The truth is, I love beef jerky. We’ll be traveling this summer so I got to thinking about foods that travel well. Beef jerky is a great source of protein that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, so it will be … Continue reading

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